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Trump PAC demands DeSantis apologize after calling Trump supporters 'listless vessels'

DeSantis also criticized the idea that members of the GOP are "RINOs" if they don't suck up to Trump. 

Published: August 19, 2023 6:05pm

Former President Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" Inc. demanded GOP presidential rival Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis apologize for calling Trump supporters "listless vessels."

"To Hillary Clinton, Trump supporters are 'deplorables.' To Ron DeSantis, they are 'listless vessels,'" the statement reads. "The truth is, Trump supporters are patriots. Ron DeSantis is showing his true colors. The pressure of polling in third place is getting to DeSantis and now he is lashing out at the very same voters who got him elected governor. DeSantis must immediately apologize for his disgraceful insult."

DeSantis did an interview with The Florida Standard where he discussed his agenda for 2024 if elected president. He also criticized the culture Trump supporters created around the 45th President. 

“If all we are is listless vessels that are just supposed to follow, you know, whatever happens to come down the pike on Truth Social every morning, that’s not going to be a durable movement,” he said during the interview. 

He also criticized the idea that members of the GOP are "RINOs" if they don't suck up to Trump. 

"You could be the most conservative person since sliced bread. Unless you’re kissing his rear end, they will somehow call you a RINO," he said. "So it’s been totally detached from principle in what you actually believe and results. And it’s more about, you know, just what faction you happen to do."

He cited examples of Republican Congress members who have endorsed him such as Chip Roy from Texas and Thomas Massie from Kentucky. 

“These guys have records of principle, fighting the swamp that are second to none, and yet they will be attacked by some of these people and called RINOs," DeSantis said.

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