Governor Cuomo warns New Yorkers to redouble efforts to prevent coronavirus case spike

Case numbers spiked over the weekend to relatively high numbers in several areas of New York.

Updated: September 29, 2020 - 5:05pm

The number of coronavirus cases are again increasing in New York, prompting Gov. Andrew Cuomo to say it is of the utmost importance that city and state officials "get to the bottom of these clusters."

New York State recorded a 1.5% positive testing rate on Sunday, which represents a 50% increase over recent daily rates. Rates were especially high in Brooklyn, which had a daily rate of 2.6%, and Orange and Rockland counties, which recorded even higher rates. 

Cuomo reported that 834 New Yorkers tested positive Sunday for the novel coronavirus and that 11 people died, following a long stretch of single-digit daily fatalities. 

"It's no time to get tired, because the virus is not getting tired," he warned.

Cuomo also said that if virus numbers continue to spike, specific area crackdowns and a general statewide crackdown on mask usage will become necessary. 

In the past, heightened restrictions in specific neighborhoods, especially in New York City, have appeared to target specific demographics more than others. Brooklyn, in particular, is home to many Orthodox Jews, whose religious gatherings have been shut down by Mayor Bill de Blasio. 

"It's Yom Kippur and we honor that, but whether you are Jewish, Catholic or Muslim, public health is public health, and I have no issue ... These rules apply to all religious gatherings and all events equally," said the governor on Monday. 

Though the state's test rate remains relatively low, any sort of increase will raise alarm bells in the area, which was earlier losing 800 residents a day to the virus. 


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