Rep. Murphy optimistic about small UV device zapping coronavirus from surfaces, helping businesses

"This is literally a handheld flashlight," said North Carolina GOP Rep. Greg Murphy.

Updated: October 13, 2020 - 11:12am

GOP Rep. Greg Murphy says a company in home state North Carolina has developed an innovative way to kill COVID-19 bacteria — a hand-sized UV light. 

"This is literally a handheld flashlight that has a battery pack and is able to deliver UV radiation to a point on a solid surface or other types of surfaces that will effectively sterilize 99.9% of the pathogens," Murphy told "Just the News AM" host Carrie Sheffield on Thursday. 

Murphy, who represents North Carolina's 3rd Congressional District, has toured the factory where the potentially breakthrough research is being conducted and expressed optimism about the device helping schools, airlines, cruise ships and other businesses protect people from the coronavirus by sterilizing surfaces.

Murphy, a doctor, says the UV light radiation is nothing more than that which humans get everyday from the sun. However, it is not absorbed by people and is invisible. 

He said the light — called a NuvaWave — is technically not a  medical device, so it doesn't need FDA approval, but it still needs approval for safety and effectiveness.

"During this pandemic and future pandemics, I think tools like this will be something that we'll really need to put in our armamentarium and disinfecting really our environment," Murphy said.

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