Officials in Democrat-led Texas city say Biden's border policy is creating significant Covid-19 risk

The Biden administration is considering reversing a Trump administration policy that limited immigration because of the pandemic.

Updated: July 20, 2021 - 12:56pm

Officials in Laredo, Texas, are alleging in a lawsuit the Department of Homeland Security releasing illegal migrants into the city on a daily-basis is undermining the public health efforts. 

Customs and Border Protection purportedly plans to double the number of migrants brought to the city to manage overflow at other DHS detainment facilities. Laredo officials are fearful of the implications of DHS's actions, given the continued threat of COVID-19.

"Not every apprehended person is tested for COVID-19 as part of [DHS’s] processing procedure before they are legally released from immigration custody and into the general public," the suit reads. "Therefore, many, if not most, go untested and risk spreading the disease to … the general public after their release."

Laredo, atop the southwest U.S. border, is claiming that the "flood" of migrants is causing "irreparable harm and injury to our community given little to no hospital availability."

The suit also states the federal government, under the leadership of President Biden, has no regard "for the deadly ramifications" of bring untested immigrants into the country. 

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is considering a plan reopening the country to more immigrants, after the previous Trump administration limited border crossings at the beginning of the pandemic – using federal health law know as Title 42. 

Republicans, in a recent letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, said reversing Title 42 would only worsen the situation because "already inundated facilities would explode with migrants, and our nation would suffer lasting and irreparable consequences."