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Virginia hospital found in contempt of court for denying patient prescribed round of Ivermectin

A drawn out court battle became the reality of one family who wanted to try Ivermectin on their ailing mother

Published: December 14, 2021 10:29am

Updated: December 14, 2021 12:14pm

A Virginia court on Monday found a hospital in the state in contempt of court for failing to comply with previous orders to provide prescribed Ivermectin to a COVID-19 patient.

The court ruled that if the Fauquier Health hospital, in Warrenton, failed to provide the dose by 9 p.m. on Monday the state would be allowed to fine the hospital $10,000 a day. 

The hospital reportedly agreed Monday to comply with the order after a week of back-and-forth with the court. But it was unclear as of Tuesday morning whether the patient received the prescription, over which its effectiveness in treating virus symptoms health care providers disagree. 

The patient, Kathy Davies, was admitted to the hospital with COVID in October and placed on a ventilator in the ICU on Nov. 3. Her husband, Donald Davies, and the couples' children, have been fighting to get for weeks to the patient a dose of Ivermectin.

Hospital doctors have adamantly refused to comply with the wishes of the family, prompting the Davies to hire a legal team earlier this month. 

According to a Daily Wire report, the court initially ruled that the patient had the right to try Ivermectin and any other drug prescribed by her doctor.

However, on Dec. 7, when one of Kathy's sons and a registered nurse arrived to administer the drug – which had been prescribed by Dr. Martha Maturi – the "hospital administration barred [him and the nurse] from entering the ICU with the Ivermectin," reads a court document.

Following several rounds of back-and-forth between the hospital and Maturi over the matter of admitting Maturi to the hospital to care for her patient, the Davies returned to court to claim that the hospital had behaved unreasonably in its effort to provide the patient with care and should therefore be held in contempt of court.

Judge James. P. Fisher, of the 20th Judicial Court of Virginia, agreed with the arguments presented by the Davies family attorney and ruled to hold the hospital in contempt of court and compel the $10,000 a day fines, which could be applied retroactively beginning  Dec. 9. The hospital, at this point, complied and allowed the Ivermectin to be administered to the long-suffering patient.

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