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Millions of insurance plans were cancelled due to Obamacare, but Biden says nobody lost their plans

Former President Obama was heavily criticized for telling Americans that if "you like your plan, you can keep your plan," which turned out not to be the case.

Published: October 22, 2020 10:54pm

Updated: October 23, 2020 12:16am

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said during Thursday night's debate that nobody lost their health insurance plans when Obamacare was fully implemented, but millions of individuals had their insurance policies cancelled at the time.

A RAND Corporation study estimated that 5.9 million people lost their insurance plans due to Obamacare's rules and regulations. 

Obamacare is the 2010 health care law crafted by former President Obama, for whom Biden served as vice president for both of his terms.

Obama was heavily criticized at the time for telling Americans that if "you like your plan, you can keep your plan," which turned out not to be the case.

Politifact rated Obama's promise the "lie of the year" in 2013.

Trump and Biden each were asked Thursday night how they would handle health care policy if the Supreme Court invalidates Obamacare's individual mandate in the upcoming California v. Texas case.

"What I'm going to do is pass Obamacare with a public option. It will become Bidencare. The public option says in fact if you do not have the wherewithal, if you qualify for Medicaid and you do not have the wherewithal in your state to get Medicaid, you're automatically enrolled, providing competition for insurance companies," Biden said. 

Biden rejected the idea that he wants to eliminate private insurance.

"Not one single person with private insurance would lose their insurance under my plan, nor did they under Obamacare. They did not lose their insurance unless they chose they wanted to go to something else," he said.

In response, Trump said Biden's health care plan would amount to socialized medicine, given that the federal government would run the public option. 

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