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Trump to meet Border Patrol agents in Texas as union tells Biden: 'Keep our name out of your mouth'

Biden is making a rare trip to the southern border as illegal immigration is set to be a top issue in the 2020

Published: February 29, 2024 11:47am

Former President Donald Trump plans to meet with U.S. Border Patrol agents during his trip to the Southern Border on Thursday, while the National Border Patrol Union is telling President Joe Biden, who is also visiting the border Thursday to "keep our name out of your mouth."

"Today, President Trump will visit the crime scene at Biden’s open border, where Joe Biden’s failure has resulted in more than 9 million illegal immigrants27 tons of deadly fentanyl, and dangerous criminals crossing the border since he took office," Trump Campaign National press secretary Karoline Leavitt said Thursday.

"President Trump will meet with brave US Border Patrol agents and state and local law enforcement officials working on the frontlines of Biden’s crisis, and he will outline his plan to put America first and secure the border immediately upon taking office," she also said as Trump is set to visit Eagle Pass, Texas, the site of a major border enforcement standoff between Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott and the Biden administration. 

Biden is set to visit Brownsville, Texas, located 300 miles south of Eagle Pass, on Thursday, but the Border Patrol Union gave him a hostile response before he even landed on the ground in Texas. 

"Attention President Biden: Keep our name out of your mouth today," the union posted on X, formerly Twitter. 

The union also made multiple jokes on X about Biden's visit, writing, "In an effort to invigorate him for his border visit, WH staff reportedly tells Biden that Brownsville is a new ice cream flavor," and stating in another post: "In major Biden Admin foreign policy achievement, Mexican cartel thugs agree to provide 3 illegal aliens at the border in Brownsville for WH photo op."

Biden is reportedly considering executive action to restrict asylum claims at the border amid record-breaking illegal immigration levels, per CNN. Meanwhile, a judge blocks a Texas law that allows police to arrest migrants suspected of illegally entering the United States, according to The Associated Press

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