Traders return to New York Stock Exchange floor, but under strict coronavirus rules

Traders won't be allowed to take public transportation to work

New York Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
(Mario Tama / Getty Images)
Last Updated:
May 25, 2020 - 10:34pm

The New York Stock Exchange is set to reopen Tuesday with traders back on the floor, but in limited numbers and full coronavirus health-safety precautions in order.

Only about 25% of the exchange’s traders are expected back on the floor for the holiday-shortened week. And those who return must wear masks, not take public transportation and follow social-distancing rules, according to The Wall Street Journal, which also reports that newly installed Plexiglas barriers will help keep traders apart. 

Other notable changes since the exchange floor closed about two months ago are  visitors being temporarily banned and news agencies such as CNBC, at least temporarily, not being allowed to broadcast from the floor.  

Traders also must sign a waiver preventing them from suing the NYSE if they become infected at work, according to The Journal, which saw a copy of the waiver.



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