Democrats see Trump supporters, unvaccinated as bigger threat than Taliban, China: new poll

A new Scott Rasmussen poll illuminates how various voting groups understand the threats that face America.

Updated: September 13, 2021 - 12:12pm

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook


A majority of Democratic voters believe that supporters of former President Trump and unvaccinated Americans pose a bigger threat to the nation than the Taliban or China, according to a new Scott Rasmussen poll.

Among Democrats, 57% believe that Trump supporters are a serious threat to the nation, and 56% believe the same about unvaccinated individuals.

By comparison, only 44% see the Taliban and China as a serious threat, and just 37% see Russia as a serious threat. Among Democrats, 20% see illegal immigrants as a serious threat, and 24% think the same of "Defund the Police" activists.

The corresponding numbers for Republicans and independents look much different.

Among GOP voters, 66% view the Taliban as the top concern right now, 62% feel the Defund activists pose a serious threat, and 58% believe China poses a national security threat. 

The same three issues are what independents view as most important, though in a slightly different order. Among these swing voters, the Taliban remains the biggest threat (46%), followed by China (45%), then Defund activists (36%). 

Whereas a majority of Democrats believe Trump supporters are the biggest threat facing the U.S., 42% of voters see them as no threat at all.