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Gunman disguised as cop goes on rampage, killing 16 in Canada's deadliest attack

Gunman neutralized by police after deadly spree.

Published: April 19, 2020 10:15pm

Updated: April 19, 2020 10:31pm

A gunman disguised as a police officer rampaged through Nova Scotia, killing 16 victims in Canada's worst act of gun violence before he died himself after being cornered by police at a gas station mart, officials said Sunday.

The killing spree stunned the picturesque province on the East Coast of Canada, a country with strict gun control and a pride for its friendly atmosphere.

“As a country, in moments like these, we come together to support one another. Together we will mourn with the families of the victims, and help them get through this difficult time,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said hours after the carnage ended,

Police identified the suspect as Gabriel Wortman, 51, who was thought to live part-time in the rural town of Portapique where the first shootings occurred Saturday night, leaving numerous bodies behind in a single home.

One police officer, a female constable with 23 years on the job, was also killed during the deadly spree.

Police said they believed Wortman's first attack at the Portapique home was targeted before he began killing people randomly. Authorities said he had dressed as an officer and had adapted his car to look like a police cruiser.

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