Former NAACP St. Paul president tells violent protestors to 'go home'

"I love my people but can’t condone the looting and rioting which [dishonors] George Floyd,” Dianne Binns wrote in a Facebook post. 

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May 29, 2020 - 2:03pm

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    Former NAACP St. Paul President Dianne Binns told violent protestors in front of a Target store in her city to "go home," as demonstrations in neighboring Minneapolis over the George Floyd death this week spread to other cities and states.

    A Target store in Minneapolis was looted Wednesday night, after Floyd was killed days earlier in police custody. On Thursday, protestors showed up at a Target store in St. Paul and threw bicycles and other objects at the police vehicles outside. Binns was spotted in the crowd by a reporter, who captured video of her yelling at the protestors.

    “Leave this sh*t alone. These mother f**kers need to go home,” Binns said.

    During an interview on-site at the Target store, Binns explained that she attended a protest in Minneapolis the night before but left when the riots and looting started. She said she went to the Target in St. Paul to get medicine for her daughter but couldn't get inside because police officers were lined up in front of the store, where protestors were throwing objects at them and their vehicles.

     "We don’t have many stores as it is," Binns said, referring to the COVID-19 pandemic. "So why are we going to burn down the small business owners who are there for us?”

    The violent protests in Minneapolis started after a bystander video showed a police officer kneeling on a handcuffed Floyd's neck. Floyd was reportedly arrested for trying to pass counterfeit money at a grocery store. He is seen in the video telling the officer, "I can't breathe." Floyd later died at a hospital.

    Following Binns's visit to the Target store, she wrote on Facebook, "The officers stood in formation offering no response to this violence intent for them to get into the Target Store they wanted to loot and destroy."

    In another Facebook post, Binns wrote, “I have marched with Spike, Tyrone, Khaliq, and had the opportunity to watch Malcolm X and Dr. King marches and those were beautiful non-violent marches. I love my people but can’t condone the looting and rioting which [dishonors] George Floyd.”

    Target temporarily closed 24 stores in the Twin Cities area on Thursday but re-opened 18 of them on Friday morning, according to local news reports.

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