While taking publicly pro-police stance, Biden White House welcomed 'defund' activists over the year

White House visitor logs show a number of meetings on the books with far-left 'Defund the Police' activists.

Updated: June 13, 2022 - 12:43pm

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook


The Biden administration has quietly hosted high-profile leaders of the far-left Defund the Police movement that has proven to be politically toxic for Democrats, particularly those seeking reelection, according to a Fox News report and White House visitor logs.

The movement essentially started and gained momentum during the summer 2020 social justice protests but has since been considered a significant contributor to increases in violent crime across the country, especially in major urban areas. 

However, the Biden White House in the past year has reportedly maintained relationships with several "Defund" thought leaders, while publicly assuming a more pro-police stance. 

Color of Change President Rashad Robinson visited the White House last summer for what was reportedly a meeting with Cedric Richmond, a top Biden aide who recently hopped to the Democratic National Committee. The group was, among other things, at the front of the unsuccessful 2021 effort in Minneapolis to replace the city's police department. George Floyd, a black male was killed during a police arrest in that city in May 2020. 

Robinson has publicly celebrated the birthday of convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur, in addition to calling for progressive groups and leaders to get "bolder" and "louder" as their "plans for revolution" come to fruition.

Robinson is also a board member of the Seattle-based Marguerite Casey Foundation – a left-wing, grant-providing organization that has significantly expanded its anti-police efforts in recent years.

The president and CEO of the foundation, Carmen Rojas, a vocal "Defund" supporter, also visited the White House in December of last year, according to the logs. 

"Abolishing police unions as part of the broader fight to defund, demilitarize, and ultimately dismantle the U.S. police force as it currently exists. Labor leaders should seize upon this crucial moment to fully embrace this aim – and some already have," is one of many tweets of Rojas' supporting the movement, according to Fox.

A number of other "Defund"advocates, including Latosha Brown, the cofounder of Black Voters Matter, and Tylik McMillan, who serves as the national director of Youth and College at Al Sharpton's National Action Network.