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Ohio church camp houses kids based on gender identity, won't tell parents if counselor is trans

Parents will not be informed of the names of their child's camp counselor

Published: July 4, 2022 9:07pm

Updated: July 4, 2022 11:23pm

An Ohio church camp is housing children as young as 8 based on their gender identity, while parents will not be notified if a transgender counselor or camper is in their child's cabin, according to the camp's website.

Camp Akita, a mission of Columbus-based First Community Church, hosts camps for children entering first grade with overnight options available for kids entering third grade and above.

Counselors are assigned to cabins based off of their gender identity, the organization stated, adding that parents will not know the names of the counselors.

Under the question "Will I be notified if a trans Counselor is in my child’s cabin?" Camp Akita stated that "families will not be notified of the names, medical histories, or any other personal information about their child’s Counselors before, during, or after their session." 

The same policy applies for transgender children attending the camp, and children may choose to switch cabins during camp without parental notification.

Camp Akita, which is one of more than 2,400 camps accredited by the American Camp Association, said other camps have similar transgender policies.

By next year, the camp plans on having an all-gender cabin, which it says "is a good option for campers who prefer to bunk with children of other genders, campers who identify as non-binary, campers who want to bunk with a friend who is non-binary, or campers who feel this is the best fit for any reason." However, children who identify as transgender are able to sleep wherever they wish. 

On its website, the camp states that it looks to follow Jesus, but that Christianity is not the only way of life. 

"While we seek to follow the way of Jesus, we recognize Christianity as one of many pathways to the Divine and affirm people from all spiritual traditions or from no tradition," Camp Akita wrote under its diversity, equity and inclusion statement

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