Vernon Jones on his meeting with Trump: ‘He wants to make America healthy again’

'What this president didn't focus on, in my time with him, was whether he's going to get reelected or not … he didn't come across political,' Jones says.

Updated: July 30, 2020 - 10:54pm

Following his meeting with President Trump, Georgia Democratic State Rep. Vernon Jones, who has endorsed Trump, told Just the News that the president did not "focus" on the 2020 campaign or his re-election during the meeting.

"He really wants to make America healthy again — the economy and our physical health,” Jones said during an interview on Tuesday at the Falkirk Summit. "And he just blew me away. His knowledge, his passion, his commitment, and he doesn't want to leave any American behind. He wants to put America first, and if that's nationalism, then count me in."

"You know, when he talks about how we give millions of dollars to other countries who really are against us, but then we have historical black colleges here who could use that funding and be more better spent, I mean, it's just plain talk,” he added. "He just gets it."

Jones was asked if Trump expressed any frustration with not being able to hold traditional campaign rallies.

"What this president didn't focus on, in my time with him, was whether he's going to get re-elected or not, and that's one thing I've picked up on too,” Jones said. "He's focused on, again, when I say making America healthy again, getting America back open, getting businesses back open.

“It wasn't about his reelection, man, it was about the American people. I think he believes that, what we all believe, that his record shows his passion, his hard work shows. He didn’t come across political.”

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