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Sheila Jackson Lee loses Houston mayor’s race to Texas state senator

Jackson Lee lost despite endorsements from Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

Published: December 9, 2023 11:12pm

Updated: December 10, 2023 1:11am

Texas state Sen. John Whitmire defeated Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee on Saturday night to win the Houston mayor’s race in a battle between two Democrats where rising crime played a central role in the election.

Whitmire, endorsed by the local police union, significantly outspent Jackson Lee in the runoff election to lead America’s fourth most populous city. He vowed to fight crime and make the violence-wary city safer.  

“What we have to do is hold violent offenders accountable, help the nonviolent offenders turn their lives around. I have a very clear record of being tough and smart on crime,” Whitmire said.

Jackson Lee lost despite endorsements from liberal luminaries like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi and was hurt by a controversy over a leaked tape showing her berating a staffer.

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