At least 4 dead, hundreds wounded in Colombia after bleacher collapses during bullfight: report

A bull reportedly escaped in the chaos

Updated: June 26, 2022 - 4:49pm

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook

At least four people have died and hundreds of men, women and children are injured after a spectator bleacher collapsed during a bullfight in Colombia, according to local outlet El Tiempo.

Several videos from the event show the terrifying moment the spectator stand collapsed in the city of El Espinal. 

President-elect Gustavo Petro posted aerial footage on Twitter, saying, as translated, that he hopes those affected can leave unscathed. He also called on mayors to not authorize more bullfights.

W Radio Colombia also posted a video of the bleachers falling over during the traditional corraleja bullfighting festival.

Up to 500 people may be injured, El Tiempo observed, adding that a bull escaped in the chaos.

"We need support from ambulances and neighboring hospitals, many people are still unattended," local councilman Iván Ferney Rojas said.

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