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Report says China in violation of UN Genocide Convention, has perpetrated genocide against Uyghurs

The report alleges that China is guilty of many acts, including forced sterilization of Uyghur women in an effort to combat child-bearing.

Published: March 10, 2021 4:05pm

Updated: March 10, 2021 5:37pm

A recently released report declares that China has violated the United Nations' Genocide Convention and perpetrated genocide against the Uyghurs.

"This report concludes that the People's Republic of China (China) bears State responsibility for committing genocide against the Uyghurs in breach of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Genocide Convention) based on an extensive review of the available evidence and application of international law to the evidence of the facts on the ground," the report states. "The examination was conducted by recognized independent experts on international law, genocide, China's ethnic policies, and the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR)."

The report "was undertaken by the Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy, in cooperation with the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights, in response to emerging accounts of serious and systematic atrocities in Xinjiang province, particularly directed against the Uyghurs, an ethnic minority, to ascertain whether the People's Republic of China is in breach of the Genocide Convention under international law," according to the foreword by Dr. Azeem Ibrahim of the Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy.

The report says that China has engaged in forced sterilization of Uyghur females in an effort to combat child-bearing: 

"China has simultaneously pursued a dual systematic strategy of forcibly sterilizing Uyghur women of childbearing age and interning Uyghur men of child-bearing years, preventing the regenerative capacity of the group and evincing an intent to biologically destroy the group as such," the report says. "According to Government statistics and directives, including to 'carry out family planning sterilization,' 'lower fertility levels,' and 'leave no blind spots,' China is carrying out a well-documented, State-funded birth-prevention campaign targeting women of childbearing age in Uyghur-concentrated areas with mass forced sterilization, abortions, and IUD placements. China explicitly admits the purpose of these campaigns is to ensure that Uyghur women are 'no longer baby-making machines.'"

Among some of the various allegations of wrongdoing contained in the report, it also accuses China of perpetrating mass internment of Uyghurs and inflicting both mental and physical harm:

"Uyghurs are suffering serious bodily and mental harm from systematic torture and cruel treatment, including rape, sexual abuse, exploitation, and public humiliation, at the hands of camp officials and Han cadres assigned to Uyghur homes under Government-mandated programs. Internment camps contain designated 'interrogation rooms,' where Uyghur detainees are subjected to consistent and brutal torture methods, including beatings with metal prods, electric shocks, and whips. The mass internment and related Government programs are designed to indoctrinate and 'wash clean' brains, driving Uyghurs to commit or attempt suicide from the threat of internment or the daily extreme forms of physical and psychological torture within the camps, including mock executions, public 'self-criticisms,' and solitary confinement," the report says.

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